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Catchy Website Name Generator Tool : Lean Domain Search [Review]

How about generating catchy domain names for your website ? When you start your blog you would like to register domains that convey your brand value. For that registering a short & sweet domain name is essential for your business to flourish.

This is where Lean Domain Search comes into play. With this tool you can enter a keyword aligned with your business name and it will generate a catchy domain name for you to register.

Please follow these steps to properly generate domain name with Domain Wheel

Step 1 :

Go To Lean Domain Search . Link is given at the end of post. 

You will be greeted with this interface. Go To The Portion where it says “Find a great available domain name for your website in seconds

In the next steps we are going to put this tool to test whether it can really generate brandable domain names in seconds as it claims

Step 2 :

Right where it says “Enter a term to build your new name”, enter any niche name ( eg: car, bike) first. This will show you any great sounding domain name available with the primary keyword

Step 3 :

For eg: if your blog is about “Bike” just enter it in the search area

Let’s see what type of domain name does the tool generate.

Well, if you ask me, I only found 2 great domain name suggestions and the rest are not up to the mark as to my liking.

Remember, this does not mean it is a bad domain name generator. It means you need to add more context to your primary keyword to get better name suggestions

Step 4 :

I added a secondary keyword (adda) to the primary keyword (bike)

This is the power of compound words as they will give you better name suggestions

Notice how many premium or great brandable domain names we found. There were 9 brandable names within a single search that can be used by you for your website

Step 5 : Note Down The Domain Name And Follow Instructions Below

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Conclusion :

Finding a domain name for your website manually is a time consuming search. This domain searching tool will not only save your time but also generate quite good domain names for your brand. 

Lean Domain Name did quite well in generating memorable & catchy domain names. Out of 27 domain names in our test, 9 domain names were quite good for any bike related blog or business

However another tool named Domain Wheel might generate better names according to our research