You are currently viewing GHCL Ltd Share Breakout [Past & Present]

GHCL Ltd Share Breakout [Past & Present]

GHCL Ltd Share Past Breakout & Future Breakout Prediction

How This Indicator Predicted Breakout Before It Occurred ?

We are using a 1W chart [to avoid false breakouts over smaller timeframe]

First we have identified a local top/previous top in GHCL Ltd

Then we marked a horizontal line just below the top. This will be the breaking point where if the indicator cross it from below sharply (you can use a trendline to check the sharp turn)

Safe Entry : when the indicator crosses the horizontal line sharply from downside

Aggressive entry : when the indicator reaches the horizontal line from below aggressively with a sharp turn but haven’t crossed the horizontal line (use a trend line for identifying the sharp turn)

 Ghcl Limited share breakout points indicated by circles

As you can see like in 2017, 2018 & 2022 the share is again forming a consolidation patttern and might breakthrough for a target of Rs. 900 in 2024

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GHCL Shareholding Pattern : FIIs increasing Stake