Ghoti vs Bangal Difference : We Know But You Don’t

Ghoti vs Bangal Difference : We Know But You Don’t

13 differences between “Bangal” and “Ghoti” that you can’t ignore. The ever Bengali divide between two Bengali cultures explained through 13 hard hitting points. Read on to know these unknown facts 

Ghotis” are Bengalis who typically live in the western parts of Padma river of Bangladesh. 

People of West Bengal who are indigenously living in this Indian state and whose forefathers have lived here from ages are called “Ghotis”


Bangals” are Bengalis who previously or now live on the eastern side of the Padma river.

Those who live in Bangladesh and those whose parents & forefathers  were living in Bangladesh (East Pakistan) but have migrated to West Bengal, India during the “Partition of Bengal” are referred to as “Bangals”

2) According To Football Team

Ghotis” typically are die-hard supporters of Mohan Bagan Football Club 


Bangals” are die-hard supporters of East Bengal Football Club

3) According To Ethnic Delicacy

Ghotis” typically rejoice a win of Mohan Bagan Football Club over East Bengal with large/jumbo sized prawns/lobsters referred to as “Chingri” in Bengali


Bangals” typically rejoice a win of typically rejoice a win of East Bengal Football club over Mohan Bagan Football Club  with their favorite fish called Hilsa, referred to as  “Ilish” in Bengali 

4) According To Choice of Fish

Ghotis” generally prefer sweet water fish like “Rui” & “Katla” 


Bangals” love eating “Shuntkis”, dried and salted fish cooked with spices and this dish emits  a strong odour while cooking and eating which “Ghotis” simply hate

*Bangals love “Rui” & “Katla” too but Ghotis don’t like “Shuntki”

5) According To Claim Over A Food Dish

Ghotis” lays claim to the fact that “Daab Chingri“, a savory Bengali prawn dish cooked in green coconuts was invented by them


Bangals” claim that “Shorshe Ilish“, a savory Bengali dish made with Hilsa fish in a mustard gravy is a “Bangal” cuisine

6) War over eating "Muri" / Puffed Rice In Breakfast

Ghotis” like to have Muri (puffed rice) at breakfast and many a times they pour water in their muri or mix with curry


Bangals” prefer not to eat Muri (puffed rice) at breakfast and simply hate pouring water in Muri or mixing any curry 

7) According To Spice Levels In Cooking

Ghotis” prefer their dishes sweet. They complain that “Bangals” throw boatloads of chilly in their dishes


Bangals” prefer their dishes a little spicy. They complain that “Ghotis” put sugar in dishes which typically would be better off with little spices

8) Aloo Posto

Ghotis” swear by their “aloo posto” (potato curry with poppy seed) and almost cook it everyday


Bangals” do love “aloo posto” but it is not a common dish to be cooked very frequently in a “Bangal” household

9) Zaminder vs Miser

Ghotis” typically swear against “Bangals” as being Zamindars by the way of their carrying themselves in general sense


Bangals” typically swear against “Ghotis” as being not at their level when it comes to culture and carrying themselves in general sense. They also commonly see “Ghotis” as miserly people

10) Wedding Rituals

Ghotis” typically prefer “methe sindoor” a little orange tinted sindoor during marriage


Bangals” vehemently oppose orange sindoor and swear by “red sindoor” to be used in a marriage involving a “Bangal” and “Ghoti”

Bangals” have “Bashi biye”, a ritual after a day of wedding

Ghotis” don’t have “Bashi biye”

11) Family Structure

Ghotis” typically have been living in nuclear families since long back in Calcutta


Bangalsprefer joint families

  • Nowadays there is no such difference like this. A trend towards living in nuclear families are seen on both sides

12) Way of Pronouncing words

Ghotis” are ridiculed by “Bangals” for pronouncing luchi as nuchi, Lonka as nonka, and Lebu as nebu


Bangals” are ridiculed by “Ghotis” for their pronouncing khawa as khamu, jawa as jamu and korchhi as kortasi

13) How Girls are Perceived

Ghotis” see their daughters as civilized and expect them to dress accordingly, whereas they perceive “Bangal” girls as too much aggressive in their dressing sense


Bangals” typically feel proud to give their daughters freedom at many things including dressing sense and feels sorry for “Ghoti” girls who are always handled with tight grip by their families who has a big say in what their daughter wears and other things as well