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Is Namestall Domain Name Generator Worth It ? Review & Steps !

How about generating catchy domain names for your website ? When you start your blog you would like to register domains that convey your brand value. For that registering a short & sweet domain name is essential for your business to flourish.

This is where NameStall comes into play. With this tool you can enter a keyword aligned with your business name and it will generate a catchy domain name for you to register.

Please follow these steps to properly generate domain name with NameStall

Step 1 :

Go To  Link is given at the end of post. 

You will be greeted with this interface. Go To The Portion where it says “High Paying Keyword Search”

It claims that it has high paying keywords list that can be used to generate exact match domains

Let’s put this tool to test and see the results

Step2 Namestall domain name generator

Step 2 :

Enter your keywords in the search box.

For eg. you can enter the keyword “game” in the search box. This will generate domain name in the gaming category. You can also try with other niches

Step2 Namestall domain name generator

Step 3 :

Let’s see the domain names that it spits out as a result.

Step 3 Namestall domain name generator

As you can see, this domain generator tool does not produce great results as you can see


Step 4 : Note Down The Domain Name And Follow Instructions Below

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Conclusion :

Finding a domain name for your website manually is a time consuming search.

Name Stall is not a good domain name generator as seen in our research 

You could also read about other domain name generator tools like Domain Wheel domain generator & also Lean Domain Search whuch we tested and found them to perform quite well