What happened was that Ethereum (CRYPTO: ETH) was transferred in a single transaction between two anonymous cryptocurrency wallets for a total of $72,291,651 in value.

The Ethereum wallet address of this unknown individual who sent the coins was : 0x712d0f306956a6a4b4f9319ad9b9de48c5345996  

The Wallet which received the million dollar coins was  identified as: 0xdc24316b9ae028f1497c275eb9192a3ea0f67022

Because cryptocurrency whales that possess millions of dollars in Ethereum have the ability to shift markets on their own, this is important. . 

If the whale decides to sell his or her Ethereum investment, the market reaction might be significant enough to drive the price of ETH lower. 

In order to drive the price of Ethereum down by 2 percent on any particular exchange, it requires approximately $15 to $30 million in sell pressure.

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