1. Boomy Can Help You Create Music With AI 

Mr Mitchell is the founder and CEO of Boomy, a website and app that helps users compose songs using artificial intelligence (AI) software.

While Boomy holds the rights to each recording and collects the initial payments, the company claims to give the artist 80% of the streaming royalties.

2. Hidden Message Folder In Facebook

Only friends can message you directly on Facebook Messenger. Those who are not your friends must first obtain permission to connect. Those messages go into a confidential folder for your approval.

The sender can now directly contact you, and those messages will appear in your main folder. But they stay hidden until you accept them.

3. This electric scooter can go 199 kilometres in one go

There are five batteries in the Kymco Like 120 EV, which allows it to travel up to 200 kilometres on one charge. It is powered by an electric motor with a maximum power output of 3,200 watts. 

It has Kymco's unique Ionex battery technology, which claims to charge in just one hour. About 1,000 charges will be possible out of each battery during its lifetime.

4. Meta snaps 33 floors of skyscraper

There will be 589,000 square feet of office space leased by Facebook's parent Meta in Austin.

Meta will get 33 floors of the property

5. Apple Rules Out Metaverse

When it comes to its long-rumored mixed reality headgear, Apple has rejected the concept of a metaverse, saying its too early

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