A growing number of Africans are beginning to see the benefits of Bitcoin and are actively participating in crypto.

People know that El Salvador's corrupt "leaders" will not support the country's path to prosperity because of their own selfish motives. 

This can only be achieved by dumping conventional fiat currency and increasingly adopting crypto

Africa's Bitcoiners are creating and actively participating in this peaceful monetary revolution, which they call "Bitcoin". 

The Bitcoin revolution is being led by Africans who are putting in place the infrastructure necessary to bring in more Africans to this new concept

Talented African artists, content creators, and musicians can now bypass the middlemen agencies that typically take a large percentage of their earnings thanks to new blockchain technology

Using social media platforms like Twitter, fast payments allow people to actively grow their community while being paid directly for the value they contribute to the public at large.

First Lightning-based salary payment was made on December 6, 2021 by Bitwage. With this, Africans working remotely can now be paid instantly without Western Union's huge service fees, PayPal's inconveniences, or the several business days that banks take to process wire transfers at exorbitant fees. This is revolutionary.

Applications developed by Bitcoiners to specifically make onboarding people seamless on the Hexa wallet and will make it easier for millions of Africans across the continent to buy and hold bitcoin.

The safest approach is to buy and hold, but if you're willing to take a little more risk, you can earn and borrow on the blockchain using your phone. Compound interest makes this a viable option for many Africans, who will benefit from it in the long run.

Africa has always known that it must be on the right side of history during the largest wealth transfer in modern times, from the golden era of Mansa Musa as the richest person to ever live to the current richest person and Forbes person from South Africa for the year 2021 who owns bitcoin

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