Since Elon Musk started selling Tesla stock over a week ago, the company's market value has fallen by around $200 billion.


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To date, Musk has sold around $7.8 billion worth of stock, and in the process, he has sparked a few Twitter riots.

To keep this in perspective, Morgan Stanley itself has a market capitalization of $180 billion

On November 4, Tesla's market capitalization reached a record high of $1.25 trillion. As of Friday, November 5th, it was around $1.23 trillion.

Tesla stock, on the other hand, has dropped by around 15% since then, bringing the market cap down to $1 trillion on Monday and to around $1.05 trillion on Tuesday. Musk has sold $7.8 billion worth of company stock during this time period.

Furthermore, Musk's Twitter antics appear to have contributed to the sell-off. Immediately upon the opening of the markets, his shares of Tesla fell by over 11% after he first put the question to his followers more than a week ago, when Tesla's stock was worth around $21 billion.

After Musk threatened to sell more shares following his weekend Twitter tirade against Senator Bernie Sanders, the stock fell on Monday as well.

A return to record highs for the world's most valuable car company is the hope of shareholders who expect short-term volatility to subside.

As a result of rising competition, some institutional investors have reduced their Tesla holdings in favour of electric vehicle and charging station bets

In the meantime, investors continue to place their faith in Tesla, which has seen its stock rise by more than 150% in the past year. On Tuesday, the stock rose 3.1 percent to $1,044.52.

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