Iran has ordered the shutdown of authorised cryptocurrency mining centres for the second time this year.

Rajabi Mashhadi, Iran's energy minister, said that the ban, which will last until March 6, will free up 209 megawatts of power for use in the domestic sector.

Illegal mining by individuals at home and larger industrial units is also being targeted hard by authorities.

The majority of crypto mining in the country is carried out by unlicensed operators, who use more than 600 megawatts of electricity per year.

Turning off street lights and regulating electricity consumption in offices are two other ways to save fuel.

During the summer the government expects an increase in electricity production of 60 percent.

When several major cities experienced blackouts due to an increase in the energy-intensive process earlier this year, Iran temporarily banned crypto mining.

Crypto mining has traditionally been concentrated in China, but a nationwide ban this year sent operators to other countries, particularly those with cheap electricity.

As a result, countries ranging from Iceland to Kazakhstan have imposed restrictions on the crypto industry.

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