TitanApe may ultimately defeat Shiba Inu. The development team did not do a pre-sale event and limited hoarding of the coin to only 0.2% of total supply leading to credibility of the coin .

A rise in Market cap will halve it. It creates an anti-Whale system that distributes tokens fairly to all holders. .

Additionally, TitanApe has permanently locked 3% of the total supply (the team wallet), making it more safe than any other coin on the market.

Each transaction returns 8% in Binance Pegged BUSD, automatically deposited to the wallet every 60 minutes. It pays twice as much as their nearest competition, and everyone gets more.

On launch, 50% of the supply was burnt up. The Buy-Back Mechanism will continue to burn more Tokens in the future.

Hyper deflationary protocol allows token supply to be drastically reduced, increasing rarity and price. Cryptocurrencies all over the world have adopted this

With this deflationary protocol, cryptocurrency prices can become more stable and increase. Token supply decreases as transactions occur.

The TitanApe coin's smart contract deposits 2% of every buy/sell transaction into a liquidity pool.

TitanApe will release an exclusive NFT collection in early 2022. The initial proceeds will be used to market 

TitanApe will release some play-to-earn games on iOS and Android devices, with rewards in TitanApe coin, which players can claim using their wallets.

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