A rebound in consumer demand sparked by the reopening of the global economy pumped up corporate profits in 2021, another strong year for investors on Wall Street. 

The S&P 500 has gained 25 percent for the third year in a row as of Dec. 22. The benchmark index hit 67 all-time highs along the way.

The market had to deal with a number of difficulties as it progressed. After the COVID-19 pandemic, global supply chain disruptions and a vulnerable global economy contributed to market volatility 

However, the Federal Reserve gave Wall Street a boost by keeping its key short-term interest rate near zero throughout the year.

Companies were able to keep borrowing costs low and stock prices high as a result. The Federal Reserve is expected to begin raising interest rates next year.

However, despite the fact that many industries have yet to fully recover (such as travel and tourism), corporate earnings growth exceeded expectations . That boosted the stock market's performance.

In response to the rising stock market, the number of initial public offerings skyrocketed. 

Shares in GameStop and other companies soared thanks to small investors who took their cues from social media and online forums like Reddit.

As a result of low bond yields, Wall Street has started to believe that there is no alternative but to invest in stocks

Electric vehicle sales nearly doubled in the U.S. as the craze of owning an EV has become a fashion statement

Cryptocurrency was one of the most searched term this year all over the world as no one wanted to miss out, and the returns were also mind-boggling

IPOs soared in 2021 as corporations attempted to profit from a booming stock market. Through the first week of December, 389 IPOs already knocked the doors of Wall Street

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