When you are retiring, many things come to your mind. The major concern is to have a steady flow of income which is less risky. So here are the 4 dividend stocks that can achieve just that


Tap Right

Easterly focuses on leasing properties to U.S. government agencies. It offers a solid dividend rate of just under 5%. This is one stock that you buy to sleep well at night. The company is forecasted to have a good growth in years to come.

Easterly Government  Properties

Since renewable energy is the most "yo-yo" thing of this decade, Brookfield Renewable is one of the strongest in the green energy sphere. Dividend yield is around 4%. With 6000 RE power facilities generating 31 MW you cannot go wrong with this

Brookfield Renewable

Devon is the one of the highest dividend yield companies among the S&P 500. This oil & gas producer offer the highest return with moderate amount of risk. Variable yield of the company is around 10%

Devon Energy

AbbVie Pharmaceuticals is a strong & futuristic stock with a dividend yield of 4.8%. It has been a steady dividend payer with increasing amount in the last 25 years among S&P 500 members


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