Shiba Inu is preparing to launch Doggy DAO. The team plans to put the DAO through a testing phase to help it grow and stay loyal to its decentralisation purpose.

The Doggy DAO was created to prevent developers from having unlimited authority over some sections.

The platform will incorporate a voting method that allows users to vote with tBone. They will vote on initiatives and check platform aspects.

Users will choose Liquidity Pools, and developers will have little control. The beta launch aims to promote decentralisation.

The Shiba Inu developers believe Doggy DAO will define the project's destiny. It will also encourage external projects and their teams to provide liquidity for tokens and pairs, increasing utility and volume on ShibaSwap.

This project will be launched in parts, with each phase collecting input. To guarantee the SHIB community feels safe and secure, the team will be actively monitoring the launch.

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