Wright, a computer scientist, won a civil trial judgement against a deceased business partner's family, who claimed half of a cryptocurrency estate worth tens of billions .

A Florida jury ruled on Monday that Wright need not give the Kleiman family half of 1.1 million Bitcoin. 

David Kleiman, 46, died in April 2013. His family, led by Ira Kleiman, claims David Kleiman and Wright co-created Bitcoin.

The trial revolved around 1.1 million Bitcoin, worth almost $50 billion on Monday. These were among the first Bitcoin created via mining and could only be possessed by those associated with the digital currency from the start, like Satoshi Nakamoto .

The bitcoin community now awaits Wright's pledge to show he owns Bitcoin. This would support Wright's 2016 claim that he is Nakamoto, considered as the founder of Bitcoin

The case in Miami federal court was highly technical, with the jury hearing explanations of how cryptocurrencies function as well as the obscure origins of Bitcoin.

Jurors deliberated for a week, repeatedly questioning both sides' lawyers and the court on cryptocurrency and the two men's business ties. The jurors told the judge they were deadlocked at one point.

The roots of Bitcoin have always been a mystery, which is why this trial has gotten so much attention. "Satoshi Nakamoto" published a paper outlining the basis for a digital currency unbound by any legal or governmental authority. Soon after, machines began solving mathematical calculations to mine the coin

Many in the cryptocurrency world doubt Wright's claim to be Nakamoto. Bitcoin's structure makes all transactions public, and the 1.1 million Bitcoin in question have been unchanged since genesis.

Bitcoin enthusiasts have repeatedly asked Wright to shift a fraction of his money into a different account to prove ownership and his wealth.

 David Kleiman and Wright were friends who worked together on projects, but that their relationship had nothing to do with Bitcoin's invention or early operation.

Wright has stated that if convicted, he will donate much of the Bitcoin money to charity. Wright's lawyer Rivero confirmed his plans to transfer much of his Bitcoin money in an interview.

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