"The herd is usually wrong"

Lesson 1

"Never trade with money you can’t lose"

Lesson 2

"Big money is often made by sitting and waiting"

Lesson 3

"Making $0 on a day is better than losing $1000"

Lesson 4

"Its better to cut a loss than to wait to be proven right"

Lesson 5

"Capital protection is the key"

Lesson 6

"Traders without a stop loss aren’t traders for long"

Lesson 7

"Losses happen, move on"

Lesson 8

"80% of your gain will come from 20% of your trades"

Lesson 9

"Worry about the downside of a trade before you even think about the upside"

Lesson 10

"Don’t base your trade on headlines (CNBC)"

Lesson 11

"There will always be another trade"

Lesson 12

You won't get these discounts  Tomorrow

"Founder of Bitcoin" Wins  Trial Worth $50 billion worth of Bitcoins