According to research by Campden Wealth, discrete investment firms of billionaires have atleast 1% of their porfolio invested in cryptocurrency.


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There are approximately $11 million of virtual currency held by each family office that manages $1 billion in family-owned wealth for the billionaires.

That's $80.3 billion in cryptocurrency wealth if each of those family offices had $11 million in cryptocurrency.

$1.9 trillion has been invested in cryptocurrency so far this year, by the richest equating to  4.2  %  market share

More than a third of family offices (private offices of the big boys') in North America have invested in the cryptocurrency market

 28% of those polled by Campden Wealth expect to increase their crypto holdings in the coming year, some by large amounts.

Alan Howard and Paul Tudor Jones, two of the world's wealthiest men, have been vocal supporters of bitcoin. Crazilov explains, "They were the first to take a view that the pandemic ultimately will result in inflation, and they were the ones to incorporate crypto into their portfolio allocation."

Bitcoin isn't the only asset being purchased by wealthy families.  While most people initially invested in the most popular blockchain currency, many are now diversifying their portfolios. As an alternative to bitcoin

A major concern for crypto-owned family offices, volatility is a major issue. Many family offices reassessed their positions following China's decision to ban all cryptocurrency transactions in September.

Family offices have only started and if regulation in cryptocurrency favours investment, they will look to capture a huge chunk  from this virtual market

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