CR7 has invested in Mobitto, a Portugese app meant for making teams to interact with local businesses. The amount invested is undisclosed

Cristiano Ronaldo

Beckham has invested $319,000 in Guild Esports, an esposts business and owns 4.78% of the company

David Beckham

Mr. Owen has invested in Sportlobster, a sports social networking site. It is a company for sports lovers that contains upcoming events, blogs, and chat rooms.

Michael Owen

 He invested in StreetPro, an app that trains you to be a professional like a Bundesliga pro. The investment amount is undisclosed

Mats Hummels

He is a shareholder in Protos Venture Capital. Other investments include Sporticos and Positionly, a sports website and marketing software company respectively

Robert Lewandowski

He invested in a Spanish startup called FirstV1sion, which is developing a wearable broadcast system.

Andrés Iniesta

Messi has made investment for an undisclosed sum in Kosmos, an investment firm in Spain for revamping tennis competitions

Lionel Messi

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